History of Opioid Addiction 1960-Present

Opiates are older than America, and as old as civilization. In the 19th and early 20th centuries opiates were essential in medicines. It did not seem like the health risk it was. The threat became greater though as the drug got stronger. In the 1960s Heroin began a rise that has never truly subsided. One... Continue Reading →


History and Present of Education in the U.S.

Education in the United States was a hot topic in the 1960’s, as we were just in the thick of the American Civil Rights Movement. In November 1960, six year old Ruby Bridges, was involved in one of the first segregated classrooms in Louisiana. The school district made the colored students take an entrance exam... Continue Reading →

Take Your Time Getting Back in the Game

In recent years, high school sports are becoming more and more competitive. With this competition, unfortunately, comes the injuries. In order for the kids to get back into playing shape, they are introduced to a world of pain medication. A number of news stories have recently highlighted young athletes who became hooked on prescription opioids... Continue Reading →

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