Blog 3. Painkillers and the Online Conversations

Instead of narrowing my searches down to one hashtag, I decided upon two. The first I decided upon was #painkillers, with the second being #painkillerabuse. I thought that in order to see how my topic is being covered in social media, it would benefit me if I saw the problem as a whole as well... Continue Reading →


Social Media: Child Welfare and Protection

Bigger Than You and Me... When I first started thinking of hashtags to archive, I was a little stumped. I didn’t want to go straight for the obvious #childprotection or #childwelfare tags…I wanted to try and find something that was associated with a movement, or started by specific groups, something more than surface level. So,... Continue Reading →

Blog Post #3- Brendan Kiley

For my hashtag to archive I decided to use #OpioidEpidemic. I thought that cast a wide enough net that I would be able to hear from lots of different voiced. I was surprised by what I found. There was a lot of political content, much of which was operating on the left-wing or right-wing of... Continue Reading →

Take Your Time Getting Back in the Game

In recent years, high school sports are becoming more and more competitive. With this competition, unfortunately, comes the injuries. In order for the kids to get back into playing shape, they are introduced to a world of pain medication. A number of news stories have recently highlighted young athletes who became hooked on prescription opioids... Continue Reading →

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